Tuesday, 9 October 2012

KL School

Today I took my dog for a walk down Barnes Lane passing the fields of the KL school. As I was walking to the viewpoint I saw 3 Possible White-fronted Geese. Unfortunately I did not have my binoculars out and could not identify them properly. I carried on and looked over the field. On the field there were no wagtails but 3 Green Woodpecker and a few Magpies.

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Birding in Kings Langley

The Birding in Kings Langley booklet is now available. If you would like to get one email me at ephraim@ephraimperfect.co.uk.
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Friday, 31 August 2012

Birding in Kings Langley booklet

Recently I have been working on a booklet about birding in Kings Langley. Its almost finished and will hopefully be on sale on my blog soon.
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Birding in Kings Langley

Woods and garden (28/8/12)

Today the woods brought up little but my garden had a Great Spotted Woodpecker and a flock of Goldfinches.

Zilch, zilch and zilch again

Another walk around the local patch in Kings Langley brought nothing despite the excellent dung piles were I was hoping to see Wheatear but Starlings, Carrion Crows, Pied Wagtails, Woodpigeons and the odd Greenfinch were all that poped up.

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Black Redstart on local patch (8/3/12)

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I decide to spend the rest of the weekend on the local patch and brought Theo behind the RSSKL for another walk. This time, however, I had the intention to first revisit Broadfield Farm to check out the line of old oak trees for Little Owls as my previous attempt produced none. The first birds of note included a calling Green Woodpecker and 18+ Pied Wagtails on stubble fields. As I approached the farm, I noticed a pipit-like bird perched briefly on a fence post. This would have been an unusual record in itself, as Meadow Pipits tend not to approach fields neighbouring to closely to the A4251 road but are more often found in the arable fields further west. However, as I approached closer I was astonished to see that it was infact a ♀ BLACK REDSTART (a first for my local patch)!! It remained in the general area for some time, favouring the fenceline around the small pond in the ditch but did on occasions disappear for several minutes in the numberous surrounding farm buildings.

female Black Redstart

perched on a pile of weeds at the edge of the pond

showing a little of her striking red tail

Also in the same area was 1 Fieldfare, a single Lapwing mobbing a Carrion Crow just south of Broadfield Farm and a Yellowhammer was also heard.

Another Theo walk at about 22:00pm for a final evening walk around the Kings Langley Common. It was a very clear and starry night so I assume the Black Redstart will move of tonight leaving little point in checking the following morning. Once again the resident Red Fox made an appearance on the Common before standing in the middle of the Love Lane road and heading into Hill Farm.

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Local Patch

I have decided to put more effort into my local patch birding to get the best out of the opportunities in the local area that, at present,  is severely underwatched.  My brother and I are the only regular observors so a detailed account of the birds that use the area may come in usefull for future refrence and possibly conservation purposes.  For this reason, I have also decided to take meticulous notes on as many relavent sightings of birds and wildlife in general in the surrounding area.  I have begun by outlining a local patch border in which most of my observations will be made and have subsequently divided the local patch into 69 smaller areas, labeled A-Z followed by 1-43 for the remaining locations.  Although this may sound a little extortionate I believe it is the best way to accurately assess the area without creating confussion when interpreting results.

 My local patch map, extent of borders denoted by the thick pale orange border.


I decided to make a larger circuit around my local patch today whilst walking my dog, Theo for an afternoon walk between 11:45am and 14:00pm.  The route took me south around the fields behind the RSSKL were a flock of 23+ Fieldfare (area E) and a Red Kite (area I) started the day out nicely.  The hedges at the southern extent of the first field hosted 5 Blackbirds chasing each other aggressively through the small ash trees and ending up attacking each other over a disputed territory.  Area G hell douzens possibly hundreds of Fieldfare amongst a large group of sheep grazing in the field as well as a flock of 50+ Starlings, a Yellowhammer was also of note but was only heard briefly calling.  I decided to take an unusual route behind Langley Lodge Farm (area K) were a pair of Mallard were on the small hamlet pond accompanied by 1 Moorhen, 1 Great Spotted Woodpecker (a year tick) in the front Garden near Berrybushes farm and a single Wren in the undergrowth.  Area L held 11 Common Gulls and 2 Black-headed Gulls followed by 2 flyover Stock Doves (a year tick).


Area 31 was particularly active with a probable flock of Siskin or Redpoll sp. in the tree tops at the western extent of the wood feeding on dead Norway Spruce trees.  Further north east a flock of 24+ Stock Doves were feeding in area N and a flyover Siskin was also of note as were the douzens of Fieldfare and 2 Song Thrushes.


The A4251 gull field (area P) hosted douzens of Common Gulls, a full count could not be conducted as many were temporarily out of sight behind the mound.  Around Middle Farm (areas N and G) was particularly active with a flock of 61+ Fieldfare, in the hedgerows and trees bordering the A41, followed by the only 3 Redwing of the day.  Also of note was 1 Green Woodpecker, and a single Skylark (a year tick) in area J.  On my return through area E (the first field behind the RSSKL), 1 flyover Linnet (a year tick) and 2 Yellowhammers (also a year tick) were of note.
(Samuel Perfect)