Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Birding behind the KL School

An amazing array of birds on the local patch today (as it is usually quiet with little about).  I only got out past midday but birds started flooding in only minutes after I arrived.  Most obvious were the large number of Wagtails covering the playing fields.  The majority were Pied Wagtails but amongst them there were at least 16+ Yellow Wagtails (a first for my local patch).  In addition a small congregation of Black-headed Gulls and Lesser Black-backed Gulls were also at the back of the field.  2 juv. Green Woodpeckers were also searching for ants unaware of the recent arrival of an immature Sparrowhawk that made a short aborted chase for one but gave up and landed in the tree under which I was standing.  Later on in the afternoon I was thrilled to find a Lesser Whitethroat along the hedgerow in the far northern corner, it showed only briefly but the view was amazing and my second new bird of the day for my local patch.  Minutes later the entire field of Starlings, Warblers, Wagtails, Linnets, Goldfinches and even the Black-headed Gulls were put up by a totally unexpected Hobby that swooped across the playing field.
(Samuel Perfect)

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