Friday, 26 August 2011

Little Owls down Barnes Lane (25/8/11)

Yesterday I went down Barnes Lane via the Kings Langley school as to see if some Yellow Wagtails were present. Unfortunately on the way there, there were none to be seen. I carried on with my brother to a spot were Little owls were seen regularly. We arrived and saw nothing for a while but then suddenly a juv. Little Owl landed in a bush not to far of we got the scope on it and observed every movement it did until it flow off. We then carried on, on the road until we arrived at a field with some cows in. There was nothing to be seen in the field so headed back to the field with the little owl in. Again there was nothing to be seen but then I looked in the alley between the trees and a adult Little Owl was perched on one of the trees. This time before we could get the scope on it, it flow off. We waited for a while but then decided to leave as we were content from seeing it twice. We then were on our way back and passed the Kings Langley school field again this time we found some Yellow Wagtails. After this we scanned the gull's and left.
(Ephraim Perfect)

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