Sunday, 20 November 2011

Behind the RSSKL

Today I went for a walk with my brother behind the RSSKL. We were walking for about 2 minutes and then we saw a flock of 8+ Linnets they flow in front of us until they landed not more than 10m away. we tried finding them through the scope so as to look at there plumage. While we were watching them we also heard a Great Spotted Woodpecker and saw a skylark. We went on seeing a few birds fly over and then we saw a whole flock of up to 40 Redwings, Fieldfares, and Starlings. Later in the same field we also saw a flock of 14 Goldfinches which also landed and allowed us to take a closer look at them through the scope. We carried on and saw some Woodpigeons in fairly large flocks just sitting around not doing much. When we got to another field we suddenly heard a Meadow Pipit flying over we looked around but just could not find it later another one flow in our field of vision and we could tell it was Meadow Pipit by its call. In the same field we saw some more Woodpigeons and we wanted to count them so we set up the scope to get a accurate number. We carried on scanning and my brother found a Red Kite sitting in a dead treethere was also a Rook which sat next to it most of the time. The way back was not as eventful.
(Ephraim Perfect)

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