Sunday, 4 December 2011

Strike Day (30th November)


The strike day was very well spent, however not on revision.  I decided to get up early to check the post-gull-roost that I pass almost each day in the bus, which has risen in number since the beginning of autumn.  I was down at the field by c.7:20am and soon after arriving 25 Common Gulls flew in with only 8 Black-headed Gulls.  However within 10-15 minutes numbers were reaching 100 as Common Gull numbers past 45 at 7:45 and soon reached 66+ Common Gulls at 7:50am.  Surprisingly though Black-headed Gulls were in much more minimal numbers and totaled only around 20+ Black-headed Gulls.  Other Gulls of note included 3 ad. Lesser Black-backed Gulls, and a late arriving ad. win. Herring Gull.  As well as the gulls other species were rather less common, with only 1 Skylark heard, 1 Song Thrush7 Long-tailed Tits1 Fieldfare and a large flock of 200-300 Woodpigeons over the M25 junction 20, numbers of gulls started to decrease around 8:15 and by 8:30am all had left, mostly in a northerly direction.


Whilst walking Theo (our dog) through the KL Woods between 10:30-11:00am 3 Skylarks were heard, as well as several calling Redwing in the holly bushes at the center of the wood.  A very small murmuration of Starlings had also congregated with the calling Redwing in the holly bushes although I saw none.  2 Song Thrushes were noted in our back-garden.


In the early afternoon I went collecting holly to make an advent wreath with my sister down Barnes Lane, also had secretly in mind to check out the resident Little Owls.  Unfortunately we only had a short glimpse of aLittle Owl fly down the avenue of poplar trees.  However, the definite highlight was the sight of douzens of Yellowhammers and Skylarks in the manure strewn fields after passing under the A41.  The weedy patches and stubble in the field was also attracting 50+ Linnet to feed in the field, in turn attracting a Kestrel, on occasions making several attacks at the flock although none were seen to have been caught.  1 Buzzard was also seen and a group of 40+ Gulls were noted in the half plowed field north east of Scatterdells Wood, presumably the same that I had scanned this morning over the A4251 fields.
(Samuel Perfect)

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